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 Here is the real story! Growing up I was never that little girl who knew they belonged behind the chair as a hairstylist. I wasn’t one to give my dolls haircuts or try the newest styles on my girlfriends. It just so happened that my mother was a stylist and salon owner.  

In middle school I was looking for ways to make some extra cash. My mom decided to have me help around the salon and in turn pay me for my work. I would sweep up hair, fold towels, run errors, Etc... I found excitement in the hustle and bustle of the salon. The clients always seemed amazing and so interesting! I loved to watch the interaction between each stylist and client, always so happy to see one another, so friendly. Always watching woman grow confidence in the salon and somehow leaving with their heads held higher. It was amazing, and this is what caught my attention.

I must admit that in the beginning I didn’t take my new career as serious as I should have. I was full of doubt; did I make the wrong decision? At one point even quitting, opting for a desk job. Man oh man was that a mistake! Around this same time, I had my 2nd child. He had some medical issues that required my full attention. My career was put on the back burner. Eventually my son’s health slowly started to improve, and I was given the chance to start working again. Walking away from the chair had shown me something profound. I had taken my career for granted and forgot about the passion. I discovered I was longing to be behind the chair again for so many reasons.

I really missed doing hair. I missed visiting with my guest. I missed taking the stress of their day away and seeing their face light up at the end of their appointment. Returning to the salon was a whole new experience. I learned to push my limits and truly become better in all aspects. I realized that by getting a Cosmetologist license I was also an entrepreneur. I only have myself to rely on to make this work. Along with continuing my education in color and cuts. I have also become well versed in running a business as a stylist. This has been a crazy, fun ride for me and I never want it to stop.

"My clients are like my extended family, without them my career would not exist"

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